Active recovery days


When you are exercising with proper intensity and quality your body needs time to rest and recover. It is important to have full rest days where you can completely relax and chill out, however, it is also beneficial to include ‘active recovery days’ in your fitness program. These are days where you are still moving and keeping active but not at the same intensity and volume as proper training days. Active recovery days are a great opportunity to get outside in the fresh air or even just have a change of scenery from being in the gym!


Here are some ideas for your next active recovery day!

-      Hiking Choose a picturesque destination where you can take in some great views and pack some of your favourite heathy snacks to take along with you!

-      Swimming  A great non-impact form of active recovery to take some pressure off your joints!

-      Rock climbing For the thrill seekers who aren’t afraid of heights. A great way to improve grip, upper body and core strength!

-      Bike ride Take your bike for a spin to get that blood pumping but make sure to wear a helmet! Safety first guys!

-      Paddle boarding/Kayaking  If you’re lucky enough to reside in a warm county then try some water sports! Paddle boarding is a great way to work on balance and core strength!

Keeping active can be so much fun! There are plenty of ways you can keep active with family and friends to help burn those calories! Give it a go!

Emily Webb