Why I believe individualised programming is the most successful method to achieve results


Individualised programming




Everyone is different – FACT. People have varied lifestyles, commitments, backgrounds, attitudes, abilities, fitness levels and most importantly different goals they want to achieve. Therefore, when designing a fitness program, focus needs to be directed at your personal fitness journey. I think that is a very important point! We should try never compare ourselves to anyone else but enjoy progressing down our own fitness path, hitting our own milestones and working towards our own goals.

Here are 7 reasons why I am all for individualised programming and why it will work for you!

1. I can tailor the number, time and schedule of your sessions around your lifestyle

If you have a hectic lifestyle and you know you can only fit in a training session on certain days at certain times then we can plan for that. If we start by setting unrealistic methods and targets then you are less likely to train and reach your goals. I want your training to be as stress free and easy as possible. I also want your sessions to be achievable, enjoyable and effective. Therefore, I find out all about your lifestyle and design a program that you can execute with ease, ensuring we get the best quality out of you during your set training time! I am looking for quality over quantity. I want to make sure your training sessions not a ‘chore’ but something that you will enjoy doing as part of your routine!  

2. We set goals that are achievable, realistic and personable to you

I will find out exactly what it is you want to achieve. I will delve into your goals to get as much detail as possible and together we will devise a plan to get you there. And here’s the secret – you actually will never be finished setting goals! When we hit milestones we set new goals and continue to progress along your fitness journey! That’s the beauty of it – you can always get fitter and stronger! We do this by taking small, manageable steps and as long as you trust in the process I can promise you will see results.


3. We build a strong relationship so you feel comfortable asking me questions (no question is a stupid one!) and you put your trust in me to guide you. You tell me about any issues you have and we work around them!

My aim here is to work closely with you and build a relationship not only as a coach but a friend too. I want to make sure you understand everything we are doing and the reasons behind it. Also, importantly, I want you execute your program in a safe and effective way. So any questions you have, such as how to do certain exercises or workouts, then just fire away! To help with this I provide videos to accompany programs to aid with explanations and demonstrations but if you still have questions I am more than happy to answer them at any time!


4. You can work out wherever is suitable for you

During our consultation, I find out what gym equipment and space you have access to and I design your program around this. This means you are very flexible with the location you choose to train at, hopefully making it easier to fit in your training around your daily routine. Even when you are on holiday we can find ways get those fitness sessions in!


5. You don’t have to think about what workout you are going to do, it is all written down and explained for you. You just have to execute it! Simple!

After a busy day at work or first thing in the morning it can sometimes be a HUGE effort to motivate yourself to design a workout and then execute it. I take that load away from you. I design and explain your workouts so when you get to the gym all you have to do is complete them.


6. We focus on more than just fitness. This about a change in lifestyle and nutrition also. It’s a holistic approach!

As well as making improvements to your physical fitness I give you guidelines which will improve your lifestyle and nutrition. We want to make sure that we compliment your increase in physical fitness with healthier lifestyle and nutrition patterns to help us reach your goals quicker. For example, this may be as simple as improving your sleep or hydration levels. It is a combination of all these components that work hand in hand to improve overall fitness!


7. I find out your likes and dislikes and tailor sessions to what you enjoy doing to keep motivation high!

There is nothing worse than seeing a workout that has been programmed for you and it is made up of all the stuff you hate doing! You will 100% be more likely to make up excuses not to do it! That is what we DO NOT want to happen! Therefore, I find out about the type of exercise that you enjoy doing and work around that. However, that does NOT mean it will be easy and be warned I will throw in some ‘nasties’ to make you work hard! I don’t want you to get bored and I definitely don’t want to give you any excuses to avoid my workouts! They will be something you learn to love – trust me.  


If that all sounds good and you want to improve your fitness levels then please contact me and I can help you. I take pride in designing individualised training programs!

Get in touch!

Emily Webb