Couples that train together


Find something that you both love to do

It can get competitive!


When it comes to training with your other half there are 2 very important pieces of advice I have to give to you:


  1. Find something that you both love to do

  2. Approach with caution - it can get competitive!


When I first starting dating my now husband, Andy, we both had very different attitudes towards fitness. I have always been active and into sport and exercise but at first that wasn’t the same for him. Looking back, when we first moved in together it was quite difficult to manage our routine. Most nights I would go to the gym on the way home from work and therefore tend to arrive home a lot later than him, making it difficult to plan meals and activities together.

Eventually, I convinced Andy to join the gym with me and we started to attend regular group classes. Over a period of 2 years he dropped a significant amount of weight, completely changed his attitude towards exercise and got much fitter and stronger! Although he enjoyed the way he looked and felt after a good workout he still found it difficult to motivate himself to go to the gym (unless I was there to convince him!). That is until we found CrossFit!

Something just clicked when we started CrossFit. It was no longer a chore for Andy to attend classes and workout. The style of training fitted us both like a glove and it even became slightly addictive! CrossFit was something that we genuinely both loved doing together which made our daily routine so much easier and more in sync. I no longer had to argue to convince him to come to the gym with me, in fact, his gym bag and protein shake was already made up the night before! We instantly felt a part of a huge fitness family where we learnt new skills, worked out at our own intensity and progressed to hit our own specific goals!

Like I mentioned earlier, this soon got (and still gets!) very competitive! We find ourselves going head to head in class workouts encouraging each other to be faster, fitter and stronger! We also work together in partner-based classes, taking on challenging team workouts, pushing each other to our fitness limits! This sometimes comes hand in hand with a small argument or two but nothing a sweaty post workout hug doesn’t solve ;).

The moral of the story is, find a way that you and your partner both enjoy to stay active. Plan it in your weekly schedule. Don’t take life too seriously! Live, laugh and love often and don’t be afraid to encourage and push each other! Through fitness and CrossFit, I have a happier and healthier husband who now loves training just as much me!

Emily Webb