I am an exercise-loving, motivated and ambitious woman who is passionate about helping others become the best versions of themselves through health and fitness!




- BSc(Hons) Anatomical Science
- Level 2 and 3 Internationally Qualified Personal Trainer
- Level 1 CrossFit Trainer







My motto and daily goal with all my clients is to ensure we are ‘BUILDING A BETTER YOU’. My promise to you is that together we will do just that.

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I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2012 with a degree in Anatomy and a somewhat fuzzy vision of what career I wanted to pursue. With no clear direction or goal, I found myself landing a series of desk based Project Management roles. My passion and interests however, have always been in sports and fitness.


For 5 years I worked part time as a children’s sport coach while studying at college and university. I loved teaching children the fundamental physical skills, watching their progression each week and witness special friendships and behaviours develop that were instilled by sport and fitness. A reminder to me that taking part in sport and exercise was about much more than just benefits in ‘physical fitness’, but rather a multidimensional concept including additional emotional, social, nutritional and medical factors. Each of which play an important part in leading a healthy, stress-free lifestyle.

From a young girl, having naturally competitive and driven attitude, I was brought up taking part in Sport. I was in my element when competing on school sports teams with friends and played a high standard of competitive Netball in and outside of school. I was always known as the ‘sporty one’ in my group of friends and I totally embraced that! I loved knowing that people understood I was passionate about my health and fitness. And this is something I have always tried to share to inspire others. 

I love being active and have done lots of races for charity including 10k’s, half marathons, full marathons and crazy obstacle races! As I have got older and the fitness world has evolved, I have introduced more weighted/resistance based training into my programs (which is so important, no matter what level you are at guys!).


IN 2016, I FOUND CROSSFIT which changed my life!

I discovered an all-encompassing style of training which focused on developing functional movements and improving all round fitness in such a variety of ways. It gave me new goals and aspirations and importantly introduced me to such a strong community and fitness family!

My Mission


My degree and previous educational qualifications have given me a very strong scientific background in the anatomy of the human body and its mechanics. My goals now are building and sharing this knowledge to help others achieve optimal health and fitness!

I made the decision to pursue my passion for fitness professionally in 2017. It is now my mission to help others embark on a new journey of education, empowerment, change and fulfillment to better overall quality of life.

Now, More about Me & You

As a coach, my aim is to ensure my clients make long term progress with their health and fitness goals – we are not about quick fixes here. I believe in developing functional fitness and unlocking your full potential. When I talk about ‘functional fitness’, think about this as working on movements which will not only get you into shape but will assist in making every day living easier and less taxing.

Your fitness program will be fully tailored and individualised to you and will be inclusive of nutritional and lifestyle coaching, hands on advice and regular check ins to keep track of your progress. Training plans will be fully flexible to suit your lifestyle (I know how hectic life can be these days!).

I want you to put your trust in me. Let me learn about you, develop a fitness program specific to your needs and guide you through it so you can achieve your goals. It is as simple as that!

Sounds good to you?!